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Linux on Power for AIX Administrators (ANL01G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course helps students with AIX basic or advanced background quickly start working in the Linux environment. AIX system concepts and working experiences are applied for transitioning to Linux environments. Hands-on lab exercises let students practice Linux commands and apply what they know from working with AIX.

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Kurs-Id: IBM_ANL01G



Unit 1: Introduction to Linux and IBM Power Systems

Exercise 1: Getting started with Linux on Power Systems

Unit 2: Linux operating system installation

Exercise 2: Verifying system initializations

Unit 3: Linux system management tools

Exercise 3: Using system management tools in RHEL

Unit 4: System configuration and devices

Exercise 4: Configuring system and devices

Unit 5: Basics of configuring logical partitions

Exercise 5: Configuring logical partitions

Unit 6: Linux software installation and maintenance

Exercise 6: Installing software packages and updates

Unit 7: TCP/IP networking

Exercise 7: Configuring TCP/IP network in RHEL Unit 8: System startup and shutdown

Exercise 8: Practicing system startup and shutdown

Unit 9: Linux Logical Volume Manager

Exercise 9: Working with LVM

Unit 10: File systems administration

Exercise 10: Managing Linux file systems

Unit 11: System backup and restore

Exercise 11: Administering backup and restore

Unit 12: Error monitoring and system dump facility

Exercise 12: Working with errors and system dumps


This course is for personnel who are:.

  • AIX Administrators transitioning to Linux
  • Power System architects working across AIX and Linux
  • IT professionals with AIX backgrounds to learn about Linux
  • AIX users transitioning to Linux

  • Previous AIX backgrounds and experiences are assumed but not required
  • Power Systems working experiences in HMC, VIOS, and OS installation are assumed but not required
  • General skills in commands execution and working with user interfaces are required

Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.