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Intelligent Operations Center is a complex solution, which is used for city operations and governance. There are various configurations to be performed to use the solution according to the unique city requirement.

The data generated by city operations comes in various diverse formats. This course familiarizes you with the different types of data sources that are supported by Intelligent Operations Center. The various steps, which need to be performed to configure the data sources using the Data Source Configuration tool are explained. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) are the parameters which are vital for the operation of the city. The key concepts of KPI and the steps to configure KPI in Intelligent Operations Center are explained.

Intelligent Operations Center provides the facility to visualize events in a city using map and location maps. The user interface options to configure map and location map in Intelligent Operations Center portal are explained. The Dojo and Cognos are the reporting options available in the Intelligent Operations Center. The steps that are involved to configure and to use these reports are discussed. Finally, the steps to create a standard operating procedure using Standard Operating Procedure Definition wizard are explained.

Hands on exercises are provided to help the learners to practice and reinforce the concepts which are covered in this course.

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Kurs-Id: IBM_9J13G

  • Describe the steps to configure data sources in Intelligent Operations Center.
  • Describe the steps to configure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Describe the steps to perform various user interface configuration tasks.
  • Describe the steps to configure and view reports.
  • Describe the steps to configure Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

This advanced course is designed for Technical architects, consultants, and system integrators who want to know about the configuration of the Intelligent Operations Center 1.6 solution.


You should have attended/completed:

  • Getting Started with in Intelligent Operations Center 1.6 course (SPVC)

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