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Implementing SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems (QZD20G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course provides an overview of In-Memory computing, SAP HANA, Linux on Power and SAP HANA On Power. It explains the basics of IBM Power8 Servers, PowerVM and virtualization fundamentals, Linux on Power.  Covers basics of SAP HANA, pre-requisite listing, SUSE Linux installation and tuning as per best practices. Also covers HANA on Power (HoP) installation concepts, HANA sizing, High Availability and Disaster Recover (HADR) setup configuration and deployment. Health check and migration from Intel to Power are discussed as well.  Labs are demos explained by the instructor.   

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Kurs-Id: IBM_QZD20G


Day 1

• Welcome

• Unit 1 - Introduction to in-memory computing and SAP HANA

• Unit 2 - Recap on PowerVM fundamentals

• Unit 3 - HANA on Power prerequisites and supported configurations

         Exercise 3 - Review relevant URL"s and Documentation

• Unit 4 - SUSE Linux installation for HANA on Power

         Exercise 4 - SUSE Linux installation demo

Day 2

• Unit 5 - Environment setup for HoP and SUSE Linux tuning

         Exercise 5 - Environment setup and SUSE Linux tuning - best practice

• Unit 6 - Hardware Configure Check Tool (HWCCT)

         Exercise 6 - HWCCT installation and execution

• Unit 7 - HANA on Power (HoP) installation concepts

         Exercise 7 - HoP installation demo

• Unit 8 - HA and DR for HoP overview

• Course review and evaluations


This course is intended for system administrators, technical support personnel and business partners who are assessing and planning to deploy SAP HANA on Power.


Students should have basic understanding of concepts associated with SAP HANA, IBM Power Systems and Linux.


Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.