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IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 (former TSM) Update- Workshop (SPEC81G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

IBM Spectrum Protect software version used for workshop image: V 8.1.8 or later.

This workshop incorporates always the latest  ISP / TSM developments.

Learn and practice the new IBM Spectrum Protect features like the new container type storage pools.

Further information regarding the class/course content you can find in the “Course Outline” section.

The workshop will be held by an IBM certified  instructor  (ILT - Instructor-Led Classroom Training). Training materials will be in English

and provided as PDF document(s).  A VMWare workshop-Image available for each participant will be used for hands-on exercises.

Alle IBM Trainings werden mit Original IBM Schulungsunterlagen angeboten und finden in Kooperation mit dem von Arrow ECS autorisierten IBM Schulungspartner esciris statt.

Kurs-Id: IBM_SPEC81G

  • Describe the new Stgpool Tiering to Tape or VTL (traditional: Stgpool–"Migration") 8.1.8
  • Describe and use the new RETENTION SET Backup possibilities 8.1.7
  • Describe and use the new SERVERMON Monitoring Component 8.1.7
  • Describe and use the new BA Client Web Restore Interface 8.1.7
  • Describe and use the new RANSOMWARE detection and alerting function 8.1.5 together with new Operation Center 8.1.5 SECURITY NOTIFICATION screen
  • Describe the new Operation Center Reporting Wizard 8.1.4
  • Describe the BA Client AUTODEPLOY feature together with the NEW Operation Center Wizard 1.3
  • Describe the age based rule / policy based " Tier to Cloud " data movement from directory to cloud container pool for better balance of performance and cost – 1.3
  • Learn how to "deal"with new strict SSL / TLS 1.2 implementation – 8.1.2 / 8.1.3
  • Better Operation Center Problem Determ. improvements – e.g. simple Activity Log Search with Active/Completed Tasks – 1.2
  • LZ4 Storage Pool Compression – 7.1.5
  • Directory Storage Pool "at rest" encryption – 1.2
  • CONVERT stgpool command – 7.1.6
  • container–COPY storage pool – 7.1.7
  • Move DRMedia for container–COPY pools – 8.1.0
  • Database and recovery log enhancements from 7.1.1 onwards – DB2 Problem Determination
  • Upgrade paths from 6.3 or 7.1.x to 1.x or later
  • Describe and use the new container storage pool type with subcategories of directory and cloud container
  • Describe and use the new Convert STGPOOL feature and the new container-copy storage pool
  • Describe and use the new next generation server side inline deduplication
  • Describe and use the new storage pool level replication and recovery of damaged extents/data
  • Describe and use the new possibility of generating node-level data deduplication reports
  • Describe and use the new possibility of decommissioning a BA client node
  • Describe and work with operation center improvements
  • Describe and work with BA client CMS (client management service) improvements
  • Describe and initiate the new storage pool "Master Key" encryption for OFF–premises cloud connections
  • Describe and work with the new Representational State Transfer (REST) API in order to connect to the Operation Center and CMS on the BA client side

This workshop is intended for TSM technical professionals, storage administrators and operators who would like to get an understanding of.

the new key IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.3 / 8.1.x  features.  Project managers or consultants with ISP experience may also benefit. .


Skill level: intermediate.

You should have a good understanding of IBM Spectrum Protect  administration tasks.


Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.