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IBM Planning Analytics: Design and Develop Models in Planning Analytics Workspace (V2.0.x) SPVC (J1362G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

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Kurs-Id: IBM_J1362G


Understanding IBM Planning Analytics data

• Understanding models

• Understanding cubes

• Understanding dimensions

• Understanding views

• Understanding sets

Creating books

• Creating books

• Adding content

• Creating new sheets

• Saving, closing, and opening views

Creating and saving views

• Compare two views of the same cube

• Create new views

• Save a view

Changing the way data is displayed

• Move and filter dimensions

• Show different levels of detail

• Create an asymmetric view

• Display cells as percentages

• Add top or bottom filters

• Show attributes for dimension members

Displaying specific members by using sets

• Display existing sets

• Add, remove, and reorganize members in a set

• Find members by using searches and filters

• View attributes

• Save sets

• Edit a set

Adding calculations to views

• Add summary calculations

• Add member calculations

• Remove and rename calculations

Highlighting exceptions by using conditional formatting

• Apply conditional formatting

• Add an additional condition

Entering data

• Distribute data to multiple cells by using data spreading

• Enter and hold data using quick commands

• Copy and paste and use calculations

• Add a comment to a cell

Experimenting with data by using sandboxes

• Creating sandboxes

• Comparing sandboxes

• Committing data and deleting sandboxes

Working with spreadsheets online by using websheets

• Find and add websheets to your book

• Explore websheets

Formatting for reporting

• Creating a new view

• Formatting the view for reporting

Exploring data by using visualizations

• Examine different visualizations

• Customize a visualization

Creating dashboards

• Adding and reusing objects

• Synchronizing objects

• Navigating the book and perform tasks by using buttons

• Changing the appearance of a view

• Hiding information

• Proven Practices for Dashboards

Examining performance by using scorecards

• Reading scorecards

• Adding scorecards to a book

Exporting data

• Exporting a view to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

• Examining report types

Exploring data in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

• Connect to a system, and add an Exploration

• Display different dimension members

• Modify and save the view

Create reports easily by using Quick Reports

• Convert an Exploration to a Quick Report

• Drag a view to add a Quick Report

• Synchronize reports by using cell referencing

• Change members on rows or columns

• Add columns or rows and apply styles

• Apply custom formatting

Expanding and formatting members by using Dynamic Reports

• Create and explore a Dynamic Report

• Formatting the Dynamic Report

• Rebuild the Dynamic Report

Exploring TM1 functions

• Examine the TM1 functions in a Dynamic Report

• Derive rows based on saved sets

• Derive rows based on MDX

• Create custom format definitions

• Create custom columns

• Add new sections and multiple Dynamic Reports to a single sheet

Creating Custom Reports

• Create two custom reports

• Combine the two reports

Entering Data in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

• Entering data in cube viewer

• Entering data in Dynamic Reports

• Entering data in Explorations and Quick Reports

• Using Sandboxes to experiment with data

Simplify tasks by using action buttons

• Enable action buttons

• Add an action button to navigate to another worksheet

• Edit an action button

• Create an action button that rebuilds a worksheet

Creating websheets

• Publish a websheet

• Manage websheets

• Add the websheet to a Planning Analytics Workspace book


Data Modelers.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • IBM Planning Analytics: Analyze Data and Create Reports (V2.0.x)

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