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IBM MQ Java Application Development (WM509G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course focuses on procedural application development for IBM MQ using IBM MQ Classes for Java & JMS. It covers basic concepts applicable to most IBM MQ versions.

The course begins by describing IBM MQ, explaining the impact of design and development choices in the IBM MQ environment. It then describes IBM MQ application programming concepts, and provides programming topics and exercises to develop the skills necessary to implement various application requirements. These topics include methods of putting and getting messages, and working with Topics from Publish and Subscribe perspective.

The course then provides lectures and hands-on experience with IBM MQ clients, and use of the publish/subscribe messaging style.

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Kurs-Id: IBM_WM509G

  • Describe key IBM MQ components and processes
  • Explain the impact of design and development choices in the IBM MQ environment
  • Describe common queue attributes and how to control these attributes in an application
  • Differentiate between point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging styles
  • Describe the calls, structures, and elementary data types that compose the message queue interface
  • Describe how IBM MQ determines the queue where messages are placed
  • Explain how to code a program to get messages by either browsing or removing the message from the queue
  • Describe how to handle data conversion across different platforms
  • Describe how to code programs that run in an IBM MQ Client
  • Describe the basics of writing publish/subscribe applications
  • Usage of IBM MQ Classes for JMS & IBM MQ Classes for Java to Connect, Write, Read, Publish and Subscribe

This course is designed for application developers and architects who are responsible for the development and design of IBM MQ applications.


  • Successful completion of Technical Introduction to IBM MQ (WM103G), or comparable experience with IBM MQ
  • Experience in business application design
  • Experience in Java language development

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