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IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) for Data Engineers V1.0 - eLearning (1W720G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course teaches data engineers how to build a robust, fault-tolerant data pipeline that cleans, transforms, and aggregates unorganized and messy data into databases or datasources for IBM Integrated Analytics System. 

This course is designed to give the participant an overview of the IBM Integrated Analytics System architecture and provide a working knowledge and understanding of the SQL and data engineering best practices.

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Kurs-Id: IBM_1W720G


IIAS architecture and ecosystem 

DSM and the IIAS Console 

User Interfaces for loading data 

Databases, Tables, and Schemas 

Data Ecosystem 

Data Loading and Unloading


Data engineers, Business Intelligence developers and other data professionals who prepare the infrastructure to be analyzed by designing, building, and integrating data from various resources. .


  • A working knowledge of UNIX or Linux
  • Experience with shell scripting
  • Experience with VI editing
  • Basic SQL

Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.