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IBM Cognos Analytics - Author Active Reports (v11.0) French (B6098FG)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course provides participants with an understanding of Active Report content and functionality within IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting. Through lecture, demonstrations, and exercises, participants increase their IBM Cognos Analytics experience by building highly interactive reports using Active Report controls, which can then be distributed to and consumed by users in a disconnected environment, including on mobile devices.

This is a fully translated French course - all materials including the lab environment are provided in French.  To see a translated overview of this course, visit


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Kurs-Id: IBM_B6098FG


1. Introduction to IBM Cognos Active Reports

• Examine IBM Cognos Active Reports

• Convert an existing report into an Active Report

• Add interactions in Active Reports using Active Report connections

• Create a basic Active Report

• Examine interactive behavior of Active Report controls

• Save a report in the IBM Cognos Analytics portal

• Save an Active Report to an MHT file

• Save an Active Report as a report template

• Use an Active Report as a prompt page

• Understand Active Report security

2. Use Active Report Connections

• Examine Active Report connections

• Filter and select in controls using Active Report connections

• Examine variables

• Use a single variable to control multiple controls

• Use multiple variables to show different data in different controls

• Use Active Report controls to support mobile device usage

3. Active Report Charts and Decks

• Add charts to active reports

• Understand and optimize chart behavior

• Examine decks and data decks

• Optimize use of decks

• Review Master Detail relationships

• Examine RAVE visualizations


Report authors wanting to develop interactive report content, or content disconnected from IBM Cognos servers.


Basic understanding of IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting


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