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Fundamentals of IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition oneWEX (V12.0.x) SPVC (O3268G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

Contains PDF course guide, as well as a lab environment where students can work through demonstrations and exercises at their own pace.

This course is designed to teach students core concepts of IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition oneWEX. Students will learn to identify the oneWEX platforms as well as the process flow and data flow of oneWEX projects. Students will explore oneWEX tools, such as Content Miner and the Admin Console, while gaining hands-on experience in data acquisition and enrichment. Finally, students will be exposed to more advanced topics, such as Application Builder, Content Analytics Studio, and API usage.

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Kurs-Id: IBM_O3268G


Identify oneWEX platforms

Identify the process and data flows of oneWEX projects

Explore the oneWEX user interface

Explain ingestion and conversion

Utilize Content Miner

Define enrichment

Identify advanced features of oneWEX


This course is for analysts, developers, and administrators of IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition oneWEX.


Overview of oneWEX

• Introduction to oneWEX

• Explore oneWEX architecture

• Identify installation options

Navigation in oneWEX

• Explore the Admin Console

• Explore navigation using Content Miner

• The Collection detail view


Data flow

• Explore the data flow of oneWEX

• Search and Analytics collection templates

Identify data acquisition

• Data ingestion

• Work with datasets

• Work with crawlers

• Use an importer

• Explore conversion

• Data ingestion log files

Analysis using oneWEX Content Miner

• Explore analysis using Content Miner

• The Guided Analysis Experience

• The Guided Analysis view

Explore Annotators

• Enrichment using Annotators

• Annotator types

Enrichment using Labeler

• Identify enrichment

• Identify document classification

• Classify using training data

• Classification versus clustering

• The document classification process

Enrichment using Ranker

• Identify enrichment using Ranker

• The ranking process

Migrate annotators from Content Analytics Studio

• Migrate Content Analytics Studio annotators

• Identify the UIMA pipeline configuration for oneWEX

• Update annotators

Using Application Builder with oneWEX

• Application Builder and user roles

• Explore Application Builder

• Set up a oneWEX data source

• Functionality for oneWEX data sources


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