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Developing REST APIs with Node.js - Web-based Training (VY102G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course requires you to use your own computing device with the Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system. You use the IBM Bluemix and IBM Bluemix DevOps Services environments to complete the exercises. At the end of the course, you have a working runtime environment that you can continue to use.

This course teaches developers how to develop, deploy, and test IBM SDK for Node.js applications.

With the IBM SDK for Node.js, developers write highly scalable server-side applications with the JavaScript language. This course explains how to write a web server and web services with a few lines of JavaScript. You learn how to write callback functions to handle asynchronous network events, and examine how to enable features with npm, the packaging framework for Node modules. You also learn how to quickly build web applications with the Express framework.

This course is similar to the course Developing Server Applications with IBM SDK for Node.js (VY329G). In VY329G, you set up and develop IBM SDK for Node.js applications on your own workstation. In VY102G, you build IBM SDK for Node.js applications in the IBM Bluemix cloud computing platform and the IBM Bluemix DevOps Services online development environment.

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Kurs-Id: IBM_VY102G

  • Explain the purpose and scope of the IBM SDK for Node.js framework
  • Build a web application as a JavaScript function
  • Enable features with npm, the Node module package framework
  • Build a web application with the Express framework

This intermediate course is designed for web application developers.


You should have experience in developing client-side JavaScript applications.


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